Conceptual study for Nikon in Egg. The aim was to so design the architecture of the new Nikon business premises that they would be enveloped in a Japanese flair and thereby adequately represent the company's country of origin. We wanted to thematise both traditional Japanese architecture (which we greatly respect) and contemporary modern architecture (which we find extremely inspiring), and make both important components of company's corporate identity. This was intended to permeate all areas, from the external appearance and the design of the surroundings with bamboo to the the interior fittings and fixtures. In addition, the location alongside a motorway offered an opportunity to set a distinctive architectural accent on a visibly prominent site that can be seen from a distance and so allow the building to become part of Nikon's corporate identity. The double-glazed façade required for sound insulation reasons offered the opportunity to assemble the external glass skin out of variously toned or silvered 1.3 x 1.3 m glazing panels, which roughly pixeled produce the Nikon logo. At night it is possible to light the façade with yellow rear lighting and so illuminate the lettering against a coloured background in keeping with the existing logo. On the south-western side a Japanese-style pavilion has been positioned in front of the office and warehouse building, containing an entrance hall designed for exhibitions and an "Image House".