Single family house near Zurich. The existing japan-inspired garden (originally designed by Walter Leder in the 60ies) was the source for designing this project. The carefully extended plantation of the garden as well as the introverted concept of the house protects it from insights and extends the interior living space to the outside. Two terraces extend the upstairs living rooms and generate the stepped back volume. The relief-like facade empathizes, in combination with the attached awning-cases, the horizontal layers of the building and give it a garden-pavilion like character. The raw concrete in combination with the „valser-quarzit“ stone used in all the bathrooms and the indoor pool meet the desire for durable materials. Carefully processed plywood panelling, larch wood window frames and the colorfully varnished components inspired by the Villa Katsura, lead to a contemporary continuation of the japanese garden into the interior. By differences in levels and room heights, perspective vistas, and the fluent circulation along the facades, japanese lightness comes together with swiss robustness and a contemporary housing comfort.

Project: AFGH, Project leader: Marion Clauss, Photos: Valentin Jeck