Arch build-ins, Wipking viaduct. The elegant, curved viaducts are dynamically embedded in the city structure. The analogy of a snake is obvious; the head with the wide open mouth is formed by the first section orientated towards the Limatstrasse, while the three other sections form the body of the reptile. The "warm" materialisation of the massive wood of the built-in constructions contrasts with the scaled stone armour, and simultaneously introduces an element of cosiness. The sculpturally pronounced constructions have been placed under the arches at a generous distance to the masonry. The access to the upper storey, the roof and simultaneously to the Letten viaduct is contained in both of the side cavities. An additional internal staircase can be built for tenants who require the use of two or three floors so as to make the upper floors or a gallery accessible. In principle 2 or 3-storey constructions in prefabricated massive wooden construction are planned. The exceptions are double-storey rooms that could conceivably be used for a bar or a restaurant (eventually even 3-storeys). Passageways can be integrated into the volumes and lend a certain permeability to the viaduct. Internally, the sloping walls remind one of the special spot under the the arches. Externally, the series of sloping surfaces form a visually attractive and varied volumetrical rhythm that is intended to playfully contrast with the weight and bulk of the viaduct.

AFGH in cooperation with Marc Engler