Bar of the Hotel Castell in Zuoz, Engadin. The bar conversion can be likened to a heart transplant: an artificial, pulsating red heart has been implanted in the old late 19 th century hotel. The intention was to create a realm between dream and reality, in which the guests can immerse themselves. The effects of alcohol are picturised, that is to say physical ease and mental relaxation. Nevertheless the form of the bar is conditioned by the spatial situation and the functional demands. At the same time it appropriates the motif of fluency: the seamless counter flows like a liquid. Materials have been chosen that have allowed the smoothest possible rendering, creating a dematerialized impression and emphasising artificiality. The surfaces appear to be solidified liquid. The red bar radiates an enormous energy. Under the lighting it becomes a glowing stream of lava, in the warmth of which one can bask oneself. Taken as a whole, the various shades of red and orange produce a sensuous atmosphere that envelops the guest. The video installation by Pipilotti Rist has been discretely integrated into the bottle rack. "Labels" have been etched in three bottles, onto which video works are projected. They reiterate images of indulgence, or indeed over - indulgence. The installation is a particularly subtle expression of the fluid boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Architecture: Gabrielle Hächler, Video installation: Pipilotti Rist